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Who is the Shark Whisperer?

The Shark Whisperer Organization was founded May 2011, by, at the time, 15 year old Sara Brenes, also known as "The Shark Whisperer". Our mission is Advocacy, Awareness and Education about sharks and our oceans conservation. Sara's goal is to educate as many people as she can about the truth about sharks and make people understand and realize why sharks are important to our oceans and that they play a huge role in keeping the oceans delicate eco system balanced.

After watching Rob Stewart's movie "Sharkwater", Sara left the theatre with tears in her eyes and sadness in her heart. Up until that time, Sara did not know that sharks were being killed at record numbers, primarily for their fins. The movie explained how tens of thousands of sharks are killed every year, primarily due to finning. Shark's fins are cut off while they are still alive and then thrown back into the water to slowly drown an agonizingly slow death. The shark finning industry exists primarily for an Asian delicacy called Shark Fin Soup, but some fins are used for purported medicinal and herbal remedies. The sad fact is that shark meat is highly toxic. Consumption can lead to Alzheimer's Disease, ALS, Dementia, Mercury poisoning and more.

Sara also wants to be able to make people understand that sharks are far more valuable to the world alive, not only for the ocean's eco systems, but also for the world's economy. Shark tourism creates billions and billions of dollars of revenue for countries all over the world.  Divers wish to see sharks over any other marine life in the ocean. 

Sara is able to accomplish her goals by appearing at many different events and venues all over the South Florida area where she gives free educational presentations about sharks and what is happening to them. Sara has also implemented a "Shark Advocacy Week" program for schools and she does Stand Up Paddle Board tours over shark nursery's near Deerfield Beach and The Florida Keys. Sara also raises funds for shark and ocean saving organizations that are making a difference with shark protection laws, shark, coral and marine sanctuary protection areas and ocean conservation.

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